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Report on the 4th Occupy UK and Ireland Conference held at Occupy Southend between April 13th and April 15th, 2012.

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Democracy. When did we lose it?

At Local level we have eight councillors operating some kind of junta set up - making 90% of the decisions.

At National level the corporate influence exerted on democracy by lobbying, and the existence of powerful organisations like the Friends of Israel, have seen the people’s voice weakened. What right do these entities have to influence our democratic system so strongly? None, and yet they do.

At European level corruption is rife. Whose interests does Europe really serve? It sure isn’t ours.

At World level a cartel of just a few countries have by far and away the largest say at the United Nations.

Democracy is being eroded at an alarming rate and it is our fault. Democracy has to be protected at all times and we are guilty of neglect. Time now to stand up and regain our democracy.

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