National Conference

Report on the 4th Occupy UK and Ireland Conference held at Occupy Southend between April 13th and April 15th, 2012.

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It is often said that the Occupy movement is 'Anti-Capitalist' - this

is a distortion. Capitalism can work! There are plenty of good

examples of it in action. There is nothing wrong with investing money

to enable the goods and services that people want, and will pay for,

to be provided. Without competition there would be no evolutionary

pressure to have something better. Even for a good thing it is still

possible to have too much of it though! The single minded drive for

profit has lead to the situation where the wealth of the world is

concentrated in too few hands. In many cases those are not even human

'hands', attached to a human conscience and common sense. Many

companies are owned largely by OTHER companies, this pattern repeating

many times in a tangled web, crossing international boundaries several

times and therefore proper control and oversight by democratic

governments at a national level is circumvented. By allowing the unrestricted

growth of International Capitalism (otherwise known as 'Globalisation') we

have created a monster where decisions that directly affect the

survival of the human race on this planet are taken by people 'only

doing their job' all over the world. These people are blinkered in

that they see their actions as in the best interests of their company

and therefore their families and co-workers. This forgets the fact

that taken together the actions of the large corporations take on a

very malign nature when seen in the wider context.

A Corporation although not itself alive acts in ways that show

primitive survival instincts that are becoming increasingly against

the interests of us the human race - a good recent example of this is

attempts to destroy the Internet with SOPA/PIPA and ACTA. Whose side

are you on? If you are human then that should not be a question that

needs a lot of thought to answer! Our modern world has a very serious

flaw that will be the death of us if we do not face up to it and take

urgent action to stop Corporations having more power than proper

democratic governments. We are rapidly heading for a crunch time as

accelerating population growth and resource consumption approach the

non-negotiable end of resource depletion on a FINITE world. If we do

not take emergency action to change the direction of travel for our

whole world economy it will be too late. Doing this will be the

biggest undertaking mankind has made so far, and the Corporations,

with their profit motive and obsession with intellectual property will

be more of a hindrance than a help in finding those solutions. If you

are one of those who work for a corporation, in a position of

influence, you must be the key to this change - this fight for human

survival over the next few years.