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Report on the 4th Occupy UK and Ireland Conference held at Occupy Southend between April 13th and April 15th, 2012.

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Latest 18/2/12

Occupy Southend is ready to deploy the permanent camp tomorrow lunchtime, details below. A big thank you goes out to all those who have helped to make this possible! Please let as many people know as you can about Occupy Southend’s intentions for tomorrow. The more supporters we can have at the camp for the initial setting up the easier it will be. See you all soon!

Latest 15/2/12

Occupy Southend would be very grateful for donations of the following items: woollen blankets, chairs, rugs/mats, a metal dustbin and a wheelie bin. If you are willing to donate any of these items please contact us at the above number, and we’ll collect them as soon as possible. Alternatively you can bring them to the camp anytime from Sunday afternoon onwards. Once again, thanks everybody for your help and support.

Latest 10/2/12

Sunday 19th February is the date set for the deployment of Occupy Southend’s permanent camp. The assembly point will be outside the Odeon Cinema in Odeon Square, gathering between 11.30am and midday. Just after midday we’ll be taking the short walk to the nearby site - the exact location to be announced when we set off. Occupy Southend looks forward to welcoming all permanent occupiers to what will surely be an important occupation. As well as permanent occupiers, we’d like to welcome as many Occupy supporters as possible to the setting up of the camp. So please tell all your friends and family. By your very presence you’ll be part of the initial establishment of the camp, and you’ll be contributing to the creation of a crucial Occupy residency for true freedom and true democracy. More info will appear here over the next few days.

Latest 5/2/12

Towards the end of the week Occupy Southend will be announcing the date for the permanent deployment. Over the last fortnight, equipment has been accumulated to build a comfortable camp, designed for the long-term. Occupy Southend need donations of woollen blankets, an alternator and a few 10 - 20 litre water containers, so if you can supply any of these items then please contact us. Occupy Southend would like to thank all those who continue to offer their support.

Latest 22/1/12

Occupy Southend set up a temporary camp yesterday afternoon, on the open space outside the Odeon Cinema. 15 tents, 35 supporters and a video booth all contributed to a successful occupation.

During the afternoon a small group from the camp briefly demonstrated outside Vodafone, to highlight the billions of pounds the company has immorally avoided in tax payments over the last few years. The group then moved on to Barclays Bank, where they drew attention to huge bonus payments, large-scale tax avoidance and the cosy relationship the Bank has with the Rothschild family. Occupy Southend gave out hundreds of leaflets to passers-by, which set out exactly what the movement in Southend stands for. The video booth was in use from time to time and gave Southenders a chance to voice their concerns about the unjust system under which we live.
Occupy Southend will be establishing a permanent camp in the town next month and looks forward to hearing the views of all Southenders then. By bringing people together we can all understand how little say we really have in the running of our lives. Together we can act on a plan to wrest back the power we have lost to others, and go on to a create a far better world than the one we are forced to endure at present.

Latest 14/1/12

On Saturday the 21st January, Occupy Southend are deploying their last temporary camp before the establishment of a permanent base in town. Occupy Southend welcomes as many supporters of the Occupy Movement to this temporary event as possible, so please tell as many people as you can about it!

Procurement for the permanent camp continues at a pace, however there are a few items we hope you can help with. Occupy Southend needs donations of the following: car batteries, an alternator, wooden pallets, sand bags, tarpaulins, wood chippings, logs, and display boards. Please contact via the website or by calling 07931534422 if you can help. Thanking you in advance.

In a couple of weeks the date for the permanent occupation will be announced.

Latest 5/1/12

Today Occupy Southend finalised arrangements for permanent site portaloos - the single most important consideration for any long term camp! Sourcing other vital pieces of kit is well advanced too, and Occupy Southend is now in a very strong position to construct a camp of some comfort next month. The problem of deployment on hard standing has also been resolved, as has the issue of through pedestrian traffic. A sincere thank you goes out to all the sympathisers who’ve made contributions to date - whether financial or otherwise.

Latest 29/12/11

Occupy London protesters are ready to leave St Paul's early next year in exchange for a scaled-down presence outside the cathedral and a "symbolic tent" within.

While the shape and timing of any withdrawal still needs to be ironed out in a meeting with the cathedral this week, there was "widespread consensus" on the move, a source within the site in the City of London said.

Latest 25/12/11

Activists camped outside St Paul's Cathedral can have a peaceful Christmas after a high court judge hearing the case for their eviction said he would not reach a verdict before 11 January.

David Forsdick, the counsel for the City of London Corporation, pressed Mr Justice Lindblom for an immediate decision on an order evicting Occupy London from the churchyard.

He asked that "despite the time of year" the court reach a speedy conclusion and said eviction orders would be "perfected immediately and issued" should a decision be made in the corporation's favour.

But the judge said he felt it right to "deal with the matter in the conventional way, rather than the unconventional way".

Latest 20/12/11

Today Occupy LSX liberated a disused courthouse in London’s East End to put the one per cent on trial. The action coincides with a High Court appearance, where Occupy LSX is fighting part eviction.

It’s precisely this ‘out of the box’ thinking that we’ll be using in Southend once the permanent camp is established. So gather your ideas and plans of action and come join us in the near future!

Latest 15/12/11

Occupy Southend forum now up and running.

Latest 12/12/11

Occupy Southend thanks everybody who took part in the General Assembly on Saturday near the Civic Centre and Police Station in Victoria Avenue. During the afternoon’s occupation thirty occupiers developed the initial statement and with this in place we can now move forward. Over the next couple of days the website will be expanded to reflect the issues raised and points agreed upon at the General Assembly.

Latest 8/12/11

Occupy Southend looks forward to its second temporary tent deployment, and first General Assembly, this coming Saturday afternoon - details below. If you have the time please look at our initial statement, borrowed from Occupy LSX, and if you feel it should be altered or amended in any way then Saturday’s the time to voice your ideas. And don’t forget a fold-up chair if you have one! It’ll make for a far more comfortable experience!

Latest 5/12/11

This Saturday - Temporary Occupation and General Assembly

Everyone who supports Occupy Southend and the Occupy Movement worldwide is warmly invited to a temporary occupation and general assembly to be held on Saturday 10th December, starting at 2pm. We'll be gathering on the grassy area outside Churchill Gardens (Civic Centre end) in Victoria Avenue from 1.30pm, and leaving for a nearby location at 1.50pm.

This is our first general assembly, where all voices will be meeting to agree an initial statement of purpose and a plan for future action.

Occupy Southend anticipates a two hour occupation of the site and looks forward to welcoming all those sympathetic to the message of the Occupy movement.

Please bring chairs and/or tents and join Occupy Southend at the beginning of a new dawn in this town. We are the 99%.

Latest - 5/12/11

For too long now the ordinary people of this country have suffered at the hands of the very few. We are the many, and as such we will occupy Southend. The banks and the corporations have created a world not fit for purpose, and we won't tolerate their way of greed, and their way of control, any longer. Each Occupy gathering around the country and around the world has developed its own personality, and we in Southend will naturally create our own. Our aim is to be all inclusive of the people of Southend, to be a receiver of information as well as a giver - to be a beacon of light, and a vehicle for change. As human beings we are amazing. We can create wonderful systems to live under - but somehow we live under this rotten one. No more will we extend our power to the few. Our power must return to us, and from use of our own power we'll develop a world centred on the heart and not the corporate bank balance. Following the success of Saturday 26th November's occupation we'll be deploying more temporary camps around the area over the next couple of months, leading to the establishment of a permanent camp in town. Our next action is on Saturday 10th December.