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Report on the 4th Occupy UK and Ireland Conference held at Occupy Southend between April 13th and April 15th, 2012.

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National NHS Supporters Conference

National NHS Supporters Conference on the 23 June, 2012 at the Friends House, Euston Rd, NW1, organised by Keep Our NHS Public and the NHS Support Federation - a chance for all organisations to discuss the way forward.

A sample letter to your GP in defence of the NHS:

Dear Dr …………,

Prior to the approval of the Health and Social Care Bill, Government
ministers on numerous occasion stated that one of the main aims of the
legislation was to give patients “choice”. I now wish to exercise that
“choice” and request that I not be offered or referred for any tests,
treatment or care available through providers in the private sector.
Furthermore I would ask that this request of “NPP” or “No Private
Providers” be made explicitly clear on all my records.”

Yours sincerely, ……………..

This Clinical Commissioning Group will uphold the principle of "first
do no harm" - A pledge to get agreed by all groups.

This Clinical Commissioning Group will uphold the principle of "first
do no harm". We will take no action and adopt no policy that might
undermine our patients' continued access to existing local health
services that they need, trust and rely upon.
In the spirit of clinically-led commissioning, we reserve entirely the
right to decide who we contract with to provide services for our
patients. We will take those decisions on the basis of the best
interests of our patients and wider local communities, and we will
refuse to allow Any Qualified Provider to be imposed on us from above.
In the interests of transparency we will not engage in any contracts
or negotiations which impose conditions of commercial confidentiality.
We will consult local communities before implementing any changes that affect them, and our Board will make all major decisions relating to
services in public session.

Lansley’s Health and Social Care Bill

The Health and Social Care Bill going through Parliament is designed to break up the NHS and open up an ever larger share of its £100 billion budget to big private companies, competing to provide health care. The profits of the shareholders in these companies will take precedence over the needs of patients wellbeing. Companies providing health care will cherry pick patients who are younger and have less complex illnesses. It is the older patients with chronic illnesses, the disabled and the mentally ill for whom there will be no proper provision of health care. The bill allows hospitals to fill almost half their beds with private patients. NHS patients will increasingly find themselves at the back of the queue at their local hospital. Hospitals that are unable to compete in the market, will either close or be taken over by private companies.Practically all the staff in the NHS, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, clerical workers and porters are opposed to the Health and Social Care Bill, as are the health unions. So too are most GPs, who fear they will become scapegoats for rationing health care and that their relationships with their patients will be seriously damaged as the health service is broken up and a postcode lottery in health care is created. It is up to us, health care workers, trade unions, pensioners, patients and organisations such as “Keep Our NHS Public” opposed to privatisation of the NHS, to unite and fight against closure of wards in hospitals and sacking of hospital staff. We must oppose restrictions of health services as well as making us pay for them. Let us make sure that the privatisation of the NHS, which is being inflicted on us by the Con Dem government, becomes the issue that like the poll tax in Thatcher’s time, sinks Cameron.