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Report on the 4th Occupy UK and Ireland Conference held at Occupy Southend between April 13th and April 15th, 2012.

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Party Politics

I could certainly download massive files on this subject and produce a document that would require 2,000 years to read.......but.........I will not.


I am currently in the middle of a local election campaign, with very little time to spare....but.....the issue of Party Politics is so important, I have to take time to write this document.


Since time began we have had politics. The strongest Ape, and the most intelligent, lower graded (in Human Rights terms) other being, fought for supremacy, whatever that may mean? For 2,000 years the ruling elite have constructed a system whereby they have maintained the resources and the power to dominate. I could write pages of examples where the basic person has been manipulated to ensure profitability and supremacy......but I won't.


Party Politics: A system that evolved on the back of Democracy, where each and every individual had the chance to express an opinion and vote. The majority won. Not so today. We see the manipulating of voting boundaries by the Tories and the New Labour Party, to suit themselves. We see profitable Tory Government implementations, continued by New Labour. We now see, Cameron, proposing to sell off our roads to private concerns who will charge us, by the mile, to use them. We see, in so many ways, the constant erosion of our resources that feed the greed of our "masters." (Small "m")


Party Politics: In every group there are Masters & Commanders, which is good. If each, uses their God given powers to enhance the lives of those less, intellectually gifted, we have a good system. But this does not happen. The major Parties, issue instructions (The Whip!) to each Member based upon an agenda, devised by the ruling elite. It happens in the Tory, Labour, Communist and National Front operations.


As an Independent, I have found the Group, I work with, (not a Party) a bunch of like minded individuals and if we choose to disagree, we the end of the day, we have to agree to something (Democracy.) I can guarantee individual people power is far more effective than organised, Party Political organisations.


Party Politics: Games that the ruling elite will play and earn from, at the expense of the very people that put them into, so called, positions of power......that.....they will....not....let go of! (Without a fight!)



Brian Ayling