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Report on the 4th Occupy UK and Ireland Conference held at Occupy Southend between April 13th and April 15th, 2012.

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Tax Avoidance

How do you feel about paying a high tax bill, with the super rich paying less than yourself - if you paid 20-50% of your earnings in one year, yet a billionaire clocking £1.2bn paid nothing? Well it may come as a shock to you but in Britain today this is the reality which we are faced with. A fact even harder to take, considering the financial state of the country, with the final straw coming when we realise that “Philip Green” (owner of Topshop, BHS and Dorothy Perkins) is the senior advisor for cuts to the current Con-Dem Government. If this was an isolated case it might not be so bad, but on the contrary it is widespread and out of control. Maybe an even harder pill to swallow is to hear that Vodafone are said to have had £4.8bn of a £6bn tax bill wiped off, whilst government cuts that same year were set at £7bn - you don’t need to do the maths!

You may ask yourself why? How are they allowed to get away with this when you can receive threatening letters if you’re late paying £100 from an overpayment on a rebate which wasn’t even your mistake? Its because the people in charge don’t care about you or this country, also more simply ‘we have let them get away with it’. Ask yourself what would happen if this was taken to the European Court of Human Rights – THE PEOPLE vs THE GOVERNMENT, in a discrimination case. Philip Green states that the money is his wife’s, who lives in Monaco (a tax haven), but do you think the HMRC would be so trusting if it were you pulling the same trick with a small business? You bet not and they would fight tooth and nail to disprove it and get every penny off you.

So, is this system about getting money for essential services and to help us tax payers in our hour of need? No it’s being used to control the “masses”, because that is how they will think of us until we unite and do something about it. So what can we do? Quite simply boycott the offenders. Do you really want to keep feeding the hand that bites you? Even corporate owned newspapers have stated that Corporate Tax evasion costs the British economy £12bn every year, with independent studies showing more in the region of £50bn - £95bn. If this had been collected since day one would we have Government debt, and gone into recession?

So What Can Be Done?

1. Boycott known tax evaders (e.g Topshop, BHS, Dorothy Perkins, Vodafone etc), this is the single most effective action you can take. Keep the message simple.

2. We need those with access to information to do the right thing and leek it, even anonymously.

3. Don’t trust the media and realise that groups have been smeared for trying to share information and that most of them do not have any political or religious loyalty, only loyalty to the truth.

4. Boycott!

5. Boycott!!

6. Boycott!!!